Spring 2018 Admission: How Prepared Are You?

How prepared are you toward attending college/university in Spring 2016? If you haven’t started yet, this is the time to reconsider your decision because applying to schools for either undergraduate or graduate studies is a big deal, considering these potpourri of activities: inevitably stressful study for standardized tests; grueling application process, involving major online or paper entries and essays; and interview sessions.

Procrastination is a real thief of time, and so many prospective students tend to allow things to drag feet until, at the tail of time, they discover how much time they had wasted. The best time to start an application is actually the summer before your Senior year. You have to watch out for priority deadlines and other factors before applying. Apparently, the system is changing these days and you have to understand the dynamics.

First New Generation Study Center has been following the dynamics of application trends, and you can be sure that we are on top of this game. Why? We have specialized tutors for all the standardized tests and highly professional admission processing officers. You may check our track record in other to establish the veracity of our claims. So, visit us today and let us serve you in a special way that you have never been before.

Written by: Chidi Brian Nnadikwe


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