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Online Registration

How can I make sure that I get my first-choice test center when I register?

Do I have to complete the SAT® Questionnaire each time I register?

Can my parents or counselor register me for the SAT®?

What if I’m unable to complete registering online?

Can I cancel my online registration?

Do I need a password to register online?

Why doesn’t my username and/or password work when I try to log in?

What are the browser requirements for online registration?

Is my personal information safe online?

What if I can’t connect to online SAT® registration?

Can I access my information online if I’ve already registered for a previous test by mail?

SAT® Subject Test Registration

I signed up for too many SAT® Subject Tests™ and want to reduce the number. What should I do?

I already signed up for one or more SAT® Subject Tests and want to add another. What should I do?

Sunday Testing

Why do I have to register by mail if it’s the first time I’m registering for Sunday testing?


How do colleges use my SAT® scores?

Can the SAT® really show how well I’ll do in my freshman year?

Why aren’t my scores online yet?

How do I cancel my scores?

How do I get additional score reports?

How do I rush a score report?

I took the SAT® a while ago, how do I send my old score?

What is score verification?

How are SAT® Subject Tests scored?

How do colleges use my SAT® Subject Tests scores?

How is my essay scored?

What’s considered a “good” score?

What’s the average score?

I have the same critical reading and mathematics scores, but the percentiles are different. Is something wrong?

I checked my scores online, and the percentile is different from when I took the test. Is this a mistake?

Do you report only the best scores?

I rush reported my scores but the college hasn’t received the report. What happened?

How do I send scores to colleges and scholarship programs?

I’m not sure where I want to send my score reports. When do I have to make a final decision?

Is it true that you get a 200 on the SAT® just for signing your name?

Can I find out more detailed information about my results?

Will colleges see my essay? How will they use the writing score?

Taking the SAT®

How much time do I have to complete the SAT®?

May I bring something to eat or drink during the test?

What will I be asked to write about in the essay?

Are there any special allowances for students with disabilities?

Are some SAT® tests more difficult than other ones?

Who comes up with questions on the SAT® or SAT® Subject Tests?

Who do I contact to report suspected cheating?


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