Could Somebody Hear Me Out?!


Are you going for studies this coming Spring 2016 semester or Fall 2016 semester? You have to realize that you are going to an entirely new environment that is several distances away from your home country (probably another continent), separated from your immediate relatives (maybe) and friends. We have realized that some students do experience certain challenges in their first semester in the university as they try to cope with different environmental factors. Trying to adjust to a diametrically opposite culture, language, weather condition, and people could come with its own stress.

Yes, things could get really upsetting and confusing, and when such occurs, you would need someone to listen to you. Therefore, as a foreign student, you are expected to familiarize yourself with in-house trained professionals who would counsel you and could also provide supportive services. You do not have to overlook a problem, saying it is small. A small problem, if left unattended, could metamorphose into a bigger one. For instance, there was this case of a student who was admitted for an undergraduate program in a university. He had certain academic issues which caused his grades to plummet. Rather than ask questions and seek for an immediate attention to enable him recoup his scholastic strength, he kept everything to himself. He also ignored summer classes which could have been one of the vital avenues through which he could obtain a buffer and possibly remain on track. Eventually, he was…suspended! To add sour sauce to the situation, he refused to notify his parents. He also refused to use an opportunity granted him by the school for a second chance; nevertheless, it came with a deadline, yet it could have been the saving grace. He ignored it totally until his F-1 visa expired. It was a really painful situation because he is back to the country. So, do not let an unresolved issue, whether personal or otherwise, get in the way of your studies and experience.

Before you set off for that academic voyage, you must understand that proper prior preparation is absolutely necessary to prevent an eventual poor performance. You don’t have to battle with burnouts and you don’t have to choke. If you are confused, raise your “could somebody hear me out” flag and you could be sure that there is a listening ear somewhere to hear you out.

Written by: Brian Nnadikwe


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